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Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

(116 customer reviews)

Unlike traditional spring mattresses, these mattresses use air trapped in aerated materials to provide support and bounce. They are made with a combination of polyurethane foam and memory foam, which are divided into three main categories. These materials work together to create a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.


  • 100-day risk-free sleep trial
  • Dual Firmness
  • Deal for all types of sleepers
  • Best for Spine Support
  • 10 years of warranty

Size Category


₹8618 ₹5745 33% off)
Costs approximately ₹ 2 per deep sleep for 10 years.

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Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Size Category




  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Durable
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Pressure Relief
  • Rest and Realign your Spine
  • Experience long-lasting quality, backed by our 10-year warranty.
  • Our mattresses are designed to provide exceptional cooling comfort, with a combination of air circulation holes 20% that is cooler than traditional foam mattresses.
  • Experience personalized comfort and support with a viscoelastic mattress – relieves pressure points, reduces motion transfer, and lasts for years.
  • Enjoy a restful night’s sleep in any season with our temperature-sensitive foam. This innovative material responds to your body’s natural temperature, ensuring optimal comfort and support throughout the night.

Care Instructions

  • Do not iron clothes on the mattress
  • Avoid jumping or stepping on the mattress
  • Cut any loose threads with scissors, rather than pulling them
  • Keep heavy objects off the mattress to prevent it from losing shape
  • Do not remove the brand label on the corner of the mattress for warranty purposes
  • Allow the mattress to air out periodically and use sunlight to freshen the top of the mattress

116 reviews for Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

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  1. Omkar Ghadage

    Good for price.
    However go for other variants if you have orthopedic issues.
    It is a basic mattress at an affordable price.

  2. suraj c.

    Thanks for recommended this mattress

  3. Soundarya

    After using 1 month I am writing this review. It is very comfortable mattresses. It was very quick delivery too.

  4. jaynath

    Best mattress for me

  5. Ujwal Sami

    Mattress quality is too good.. comfort of mattress is really excellent… it is valuable product…

  6. Abhi shek

    I’ve recommended this mattress company to friends and family because of their outstanding products.

  7. Imran

    The mattress and pillow quality is great. Have been using both for past 4 months and loving it.

  8. raju

    Deeprest Orthopaedic Mattress is Very comfortable.

  9. Ravi kumar jatav

    I bought orthopedic mattress. It’s very comfortable and value for money.


    The best sleep ever thanks to the memory foam mattress

Comparison Chart

Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Orthopaedic Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Contour Profile Memory Foam Mattress

Contour Profile Memory Foam Mattress

Foam Density 32 Density base foam 40 Density contour foam
Layer 1 32 Density softy cum memory foam layer 32 Density softy cum memory foam layer
Layer 2 55 Density cool memory foam layer 55 Density cool memory foam layer
Fabric Heavy GSM fabric Imported cool fabric
Coolness 20% more cool 35% more cool
Support Spine support Extra softness with spine support
Mattress Material Memory Foam, Plus Top Memory Foam, Plus Top

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