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Conjugate Virgin Fiber Pillow

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Conjugate virgin fiber pillows are soft, comfortable, and designed to provide proper support for your head and neck. They are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, as well as their ability to maintain their shape and prevent lumps. In addition, conjugate virgin fiber is a material that allows for efficient air circulation, which can help keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. These pillows are also resistant to water, making them a practical choice for people who are looking for a long-lasting and reliable bed pillow.


  • Luxury bed pillow for sleeping
  • Soft Cozy and Washable
  • Custom-made for comfort



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Conjugate Virgin Fiber Pillow

Conjugate Virgin Fiber Pillow


  • Comfortable for all sleeping positions.
  • Excellent bulkiness and elasticity
  • Offers great recovery ability.
  • Soft and plush feel
Extra soft and warm blankets

Care Instructions

  • Keep the pillow covered
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the spots
  • Shake and beat the pillow to maintain shape
Extra soft and warm blankets

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  1. dhiren mohanty

    Nice self satisfaction

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Conjugate Virgin Fiber Pillow

Conjugate Virgin Fiber Pillow

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