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Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

(74 customer reviews)

These mattresses are designed to provide relief from aches, pains, and stress on your back, neck, and joints. They are constructed with a spring gauge of 12.5, which is the firmest and most durable spring available for use in a mattress. As a result, these mattresses tend to be firmer, offering a more supportive and stable sleeping surface.


  • 100-day risk-free sleep trial
  • Doctors’ Recommended
  • Zero Motion Transfer
  • Adaptive Softy Cum Memory
  • 10 years of warranty

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₹11295 ₹7530 33% off)
Costs approximately ₹ 3 per deep sleep for 10 years.

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Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

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  • Hold up your weight evenly
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Relieving pressure
  • Aligned spinal posture
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Our mattresses are designed to provide exceptional cooling comfort, with a combination of air circulation holes (20%) and mattress side air circulated (20%). This combination results in a mattress that is 40% cooler than traditional foam mattresses.
  • Experience long-lasting quality, backed by our 10-year warranty.

Care Instructions

  • Do not iron clothes on the mattress
  • Avoid jumping or stepping on the mattress
  • Cut any loose threads with scissors, rather than pulling them
  • Keep heavy objects off the mattress to prevent it from losing shape
  • Do not remove the brand label on the corner of the mattress for warranty purposes
  • Allow the mattress to air out periodically and use sunlight to freshen the top of the mattress

74 reviews for Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

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  1. Sandeep verma

    The mattress is nice, expect any support from customer care and product is good.

  2. Ravi Kumar

    I am writing this review after using mattress for a month , totally satisfied with this premium quality mattress. This gives us a royal look. fully satisfied and value for money spent. its recommendable to purchase.

  3. Laxmi Ramnani

    I have received the mattress from october. Since then I’m using it. There are no issues for me and happy to purchase this. There is one thing i have to mention for this purchase, There is no return policy after placing order confirmation.

  4. Bhaskar

    Deep Rest bed company arrange too replace my complain, so good, and so responsibil

  5. Amit Pandey

    I’m writing this review after using 40 days.I usually search an orthopaedic mattress when I saw the Deep Rest orthopaedic mattress in thier website. It’s quality and size are actually what I want. Thanks Deep Rest.

  6. Pradeep Kumar sharma

    Looking at the packaging I was little disappointed, but while letting it sit down and take its shape made the best fit for my king bed. The feel was really good and bouncy as expected.Thank to Deep Rest.

  7. GVK

    The mattress is so comfortable to sleep and take position according to sleep positions.

  8. Babu Kumar

    Deep Rest customer service team is really polite , well behaved and helpful.

  9. jyoti Mishra

    Since it’s been not very long usuage, but customer support people forcing me to do a review. The mattress is comfortable and provides good support.

  10. Sunil

    value for money. I really wish they keep up the good work.

Comparison Chart

Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Support type Pocket spring with 2 side thermobond felt for support Pocket spring
Layer 1 32 Density softy cum memory foam layer 32 Density soft foam layer
Border Air circulation border Regular fabric border
Fabric Heavy GSM fabric with super soft quilted Heavy GSM fabric with super soft quilted
Coolness 40% more cool 20% more cool
Support Extra softness with spine support Spine support
Mattress Material Plus Top, Pocket Spring Plus Top, Pocket Spring
Shop By Comfort Hotel Comfort Hotel Comfort
Type of Mattress Soft

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