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Contour Cool Memory Pillow

(52 customer reviews)

If you’re tired of dealing with neck and back pain, it might be time to try a new pillow. The Contour Cool Memory Pillow is a soft neck pillow that has been designed to provide stress relief and improve sleep quality. Its contour shape, made with memory foam, conforms to your head and neck for added support and comfort. The pillow is infused with gel memory foam, which helps to boost air circulation and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The foam used in this pillow has been thoroughly tested for safety and protection, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re using a high-quality and reliable product.


  • Manufactured with modern cooling technology to relieve stress
  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Retains shape
  • Set – 1
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  • Resistant to allergens
  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Efficiency and durability its best
  • Enhances comfort for a great sleep
  • Completely microbial and keeps dust mites away
Extra soft and warm blankets

Care Instructions

  • Keep it covered
  • For cleaning stains, clean them with a wet cloth
  • To clean, sprinkle a bit of baking soda, let it sit and then vacuum it away
Extra soft and warm blankets

52 reviews for Contour Cool Memory Pillow

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  1. Hemant

    Nice pillow, i am using from last 6 months while using this pillow not getting any back pain

  2. HakeeM Abdul AleeM

    It is good pillow for cervical person. I am using it from last five months. I found it useful.

  3. Pradeep Kumar Avasthi

    I am reviewing it after using it for 8 months and its Totally worth and help in fixing your neck pain.

  4. Tanu G.

    Deep Rest is well designed & useful pillow for patients suffering from Spondylitis of neck

  5. Sanjay Ganju

    Love these pillows and bought one more. Paid for adjustable (comes with a zipper to open and remove or add more material) and instead they sent nonadjustable.

  6. Mark Maruhnich

    Let’s you sleep peacefully without any strain on neck.

  7. Devraj

    Best pillow for sleeping must buy..

  8. Rama Ruia

    The pillow is soft and comfortable. Gives comfort to neck during nap. Relief the neck pain. Easy to carry and keep.Reduces the back pain also

  9. Shailesh

    I have purchased sleeping pillows from Deeprest . Nice products and services from them.

  10. GauravKumar

    Thank you, Deeprest, for delivering a decent product at a reasonable price and excellent customer service.

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Contour Cool Memory Pillow

Contour Cool Memory Pillow

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