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Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

(106 customer reviews)

If you want a mattress with amazing comfort and support, pocket spring mattresses are a great option.


  • 100-day risk-free sleep trial
  • Anti-stress Technology
  • Luxurious Comfort
  • Zero Motion Transfer
  • 10 years of warranty

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₹9180 ₹6120 33% off)
Costs approximately ₹ 2 per deep sleep for 10 years.

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Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Size Category




  • Anti Stress Technology
  • Pressure Relief
  • Zero Partner Disturbance
  • Ventilation
  • Our mattresses are designed to provide exceptional cooling comfort, with a combination of air circulation holes 20% that is cooler than traditional foam mattresses.
  • Experience long-lasting quality, backed by our 10-year warranty.

Care Instructions

  • Do not iron clothes on the mattress
  • Avoid jumping or stepping on the mattress
  • Cut any loose threads with scissors, rather than pulling them
  • Keep heavy objects off the mattress to prevent it from losing shape
  • Do not remove the brand label on the corner of the mattress for warranty purposes
  • Allow the mattress to air out periodically and use sunlight to freshen the top of the mattress

106 reviews for Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

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  1. Anilkumar MN

    I had been using Deep Rest from almost 3 years and the comfort , softness and coolness this mattress provides is unbeatable. That’s the reason this is my second purchase for this mattress. Go for it

  2. Rupal parmar

    Its king size spring mattress using it from almost 3months , good and comfortable mattress.

  3. jrkk

    This is a wonderful product. It was a surprise gift for my wife and she love it.

  4. Ashwini Vyas

    Good product. Nice stress relief bed. I feel it has good comfort.

  5. suryavarshini

    Wonderful product! Packing and delivery was to the t. Writing a review after 15days. Comfort is amazing. Totally worth every penny.

  6. Shivam

    Most affordable and quality matress in the market.

  7. Pavithra

    So far I am not finding any flaws. The build quality seems good, very comfortable and light feeling. Overall I am satisfied with my purchase. Well done Deeprest team!

  8. Saurabh Chandra

    Thanks – game changer

  9. Bhavehs

    The pocket spring mattress has transformed my sleep quality, offering just the right balance of firmness and cushioning

  10. Aditi Hegde

    The pocket spring mattress provides unmatched support and comfort, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.

Comparison Chart

Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Soft Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

Ortho Pocket Spring Softy Cum Memory Foam Mattress

Support type Pocket spring Pocket spring with 2 side thermobond felt for support
Layer 1 32 Density soft foam layer 32 Density softy cum memory foam layer
Border Regular fabric border Air circulation border
Fabric Heavy GSM fabric with super soft quilted Heavy GSM fabric with super soft quilted
Coolness 20% more cool 40% more cool
Support Spine support Extra softness with spine support
Mattress Material Plus Top, Pocket Spring Plus Top, Pocket Spring
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